KFC is Creepy.

20 04 2008

Especially when it’s combined with a Pizza Hut.

I went to a Youth Rally in Conway, South Carolina this weekend. Three other youth and two youth leaders went with me.  It was a lot of fun and I got to see a lot of people that I enjoy being around but don’t usually get to. The messages were good, given by one of my personal heroes, Tony Myers.  John Glock was scheduled to give them, but a few days prior to the rally, his mother became ill.  And priorities are priorities.

Anywho, we stopped at a KFC/Pizza Hut on the way back to grab some food.  I had been listening to Andrew Bird in the van.  Now, I never really thought that Andrew Bird was very popular, or that very many people have even heard of him.  To my surprise, the very song that I had just listened to was playing in the restaurant.  It was pretty weird.  The chicken was as greasy as ever, and the biscuit tasted like plastic butter.  Gotta love fast food.