20 04 2008

PurpleThis I drew in Physics class, for the most part. I touched my purple sharpie to the paper and then I just let it flow. Very satisfying. Very fun.  I drew this for no one in particular.  This was one of the first things I drew with Sharpie.


A Flower

17 04 2008

A FlowerI drew this in Network Administration class. And yes, a girl asked me to draw it for her. I scanned it in and then gave it to her the next day. I love technology. And girls. But not in entirely the same way, or with the same intensity.

I got my hands on a convenient hard disk platter, one of the old gold-ish ones and used that to draw the primary circle around the flower. The rest is freehand, but I won’t claim those kinds of circle-drawing skills quite yet.

A tree

14 04 2008

Drawn with sharpiesI drew this in history class. A girl asked for a picture for her brother, who was about to leave for some kind of military school. I don’t know her brother very well, so I must say that I was actually drawing the picture for her, so she could give it to her brother.

I didn’t plan on it being a tree, I was drawing some curvy lines when I realized that it looked like a tree trunk. I then proceeded to add the foliage part of the tree.

I like trees. They’re all so detailed and unique, even in nurseries where they grow them all the same way. What makes them all grow differently? It must all lie in the seed. Nature is so incredibly versatile and untamable.