KrAzY Glue

24 04 2008

krazy glueWhile working on a museum exhibit in first and and second periods at school (who needs Calculus and Physics anyways?) I found a tiny, uncapped tube of Krazy Glue. I pocketed it. I continued to fiddle around with my project and “provide input” and stuff like that to the other projects.

So in the last class of the day, I remembered that I had krazy glue in my pocket.  I pulled it out, and that’s when I realized that it didn’t have a lid on it.  I plunged my hand into my pocket to see if it was still functional or completely ruined by the glue. It wasn’t. There was only a stiff bit at the bottom with some pocket lint in it.

Then, I glued a quarter to the floor.  It was classic. Several people tried to pick it up and eventually one girl decided it was some kind of challenge and pulled out a screwdriver. She hacked and scraped at it for a bit, rather unsuccessfully.  The quarter and the floor around it was scratched up, but the quarter was still firmly part of the floor. She asked me what I had done to it.  I told her I had stomped on it really hard and she believed me.  Eventually the teacher wanted me to get it up, so I used an X-Acto knife to burrow under the edge of it and then pried it off the linoleum with a screwdriver.  It came up with the back of it covered in floor.