28 04 2008

phantasmagoriaI took my parents to the McColl Center, a museum in a very old refurbished church.  They used the basement for an exhibit that my school and another local high school had come together an created under the influence of another art exhibit that was on the next two floors up of the museum.  On the way in, a lady approached us in the parking lot, and asked my dad, in the name of Jesus Christ, to spare a few dollars so that she could feed her kids.  Her hair was messed up and there was a cut over her left eye with some dried blood on it.  My dad, being the cautious man that he is, inquired as to where her kids were and how she got hurt.  She motioned vaguely behind her and said that her husband had jumped her.  My dad pulled out his wallet, saying that he could help out a little bit, giving her two dollars.  She mentioned something about “enough for a pizza” but my dad said he didn’t think so. “God Bless you” and we went into the museum.  I don’t really feel like describing the museum.


KrAzY Glue

24 04 2008

krazy glueWhile working on a museum exhibit in first and and second periods at school (who needs Calculus and Physics anyways?) I found a tiny, uncapped tube of Krazy Glue. I pocketed it. I continued to fiddle around with my project and “provide input” and stuff like that to the other projects.

So in the last class of the day, I remembered that I had krazy glue in my pocket.  I pulled it out, and that’s when I realized that it didn’t have a lid on it.  I plunged my hand into my pocket to see if it was still functional or completely ruined by the glue. It wasn’t. There was only a stiff bit at the bottom with some pocket lint in it.

Then, I glued a quarter to the floor.  It was classic. Several people tried to pick it up and eventually one girl decided it was some kind of challenge and pulled out a screwdriver. She hacked and scraped at it for a bit, rather unsuccessfully.  The quarter and the floor around it was scratched up, but the quarter was still firmly part of the floor. She asked me what I had done to it.  I told her I had stomped on it really hard and she believed me.  Eventually the teacher wanted me to get it up, so I used an X-Acto knife to burrow under the edge of it and then pried it off the linoleum with a screwdriver.  It came up with the back of it covered in floor.

Moutain Top Youth Camp

23 04 2008

Well it looks like I’m going to be STAFFING at MTYC this summer. And that just completely awesome.

A good chance for me to get off my butt and do something.  I don’t know all the details yet, I just wanted to write down something before I actually found out more about it.  I’ve attended MTYC as a camper every summer for the past… six or seven years I guess, and last year I was a Junior Counsellor  for  the Junior Boys week.  That was a lot of fun, and I look forward to spending a whole summer up there.



23 04 2008

I found this picture among some others like it, and it just made me wonder at the complexity of the human body. I can’t understand how any of this would happen by chance, accident, or even survival of the fittest.

Chest dissection

The website provided the following caption:

This mediastinum, a central chest compartment located between the lungs, houses the heart. Immediately to the right of the heart is the aorta, the largest artery of the body. To the right of the aorta are groups of blood vessels (one artery and two companion veins) that run between the ribs to distribute blood through the body. The phrenic nerve, which sends messages to the diaphragm to breath, is visible as it crosses the heart vertically.


Note: If you are just utterly grossed out by stuff like this, let me know, comment or whatever, and I’ll not post this kind of material in the future. 🙂



20 04 2008

PurpleThis I drew in Physics class, for the most part. I touched my purple sharpie to the paper and then I just let it flow. Very satisfying. Very fun.  I drew this for no one in particular.  This was one of the first things I drew with Sharpie.


KFC is Creepy.

20 04 2008

Especially when it’s combined with a Pizza Hut.

I went to a Youth Rally in Conway, South Carolina this weekend. Three other youth and two youth leaders went with me.  It was a lot of fun and I got to see a lot of people that I enjoy being around but don’t usually get to. The messages were good, given by one of my personal heroes, Tony Myers.  John Glock was scheduled to give them, but a few days prior to the rally, his mother became ill.  And priorities are priorities.

Anywho, we stopped at a KFC/Pizza Hut on the way back to grab some food.  I had been listening to Andrew Bird in the van.  Now, I never really thought that Andrew Bird was very popular, or that very many people have even heard of him.  To my surprise, the very song that I had just listened to was playing in the restaurant.  It was pretty weird.  The chicken was as greasy as ever, and the biscuit tasted like plastic butter.  Gotta love fast food.


A Flower

17 04 2008

A FlowerI drew this in Network Administration class. And yes, a girl asked me to draw it for her. I scanned it in and then gave it to her the next day. I love technology. And girls. But not in entirely the same way, or with the same intensity.

I got my hands on a convenient hard disk platter, one of the old gold-ish ones and used that to draw the primary circle around the flower. The rest is freehand, but I won’t claim those kinds of circle-drawing skills quite yet.